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Bricks Matter on CGT Recommended Reading List – February 27, 2013
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Published @ Consumer Goods Technology on February 20, 2013

Note: This article is an abbreviated excerpt from “Bricks Matter”, a new book from Lora Cecere and Charles Chase Jr. that explores the role of supply chains in building market-driven differentiation. Click here to buy this book. Click the title below for the full article.

Supply Chain Leaders vs. Laggards

Supply chain processes are now three decades old. They are maturing. The understanding of supply chain excellence is evolving. Most companies feel that they have made great results in driving growth, reducing costs, improving inventories and managing complexity; however, data from the financial balance sheets and income statements show otherwise.

Webinar Notes: Bricks Matter – Meet the Supply Chain Pioneers
Posted by Kelly Barner on Thursday, 10 January 2013 at

In this week’s sole event, we started the year with a look back at the last thirty years of supply chain management. It was a panel-format webinar hosted by Supply Chain Insights and moderated by Kelly Keller, Vice President of Marketing from Supply Chain Brain. If you are interested in more on this event, visit the Supply Chain Insights site.

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Lora Cecere’s visit to Italy

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