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Bricks Matter – Lora Cecere and Charles Chase, 2012
Bricks Matter is a masterful work that should be read by everyone who appreciates supply chain practice. Cecere and Chase accept no sacred cows in this review of past and present, and prediction of future supply chain practice.
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Seven-part Bricks Matter Book Review by Kirk Munroe (Kinaxis):

Published starting March 6th, 2013 by Kirk Munroe
I recently received my personally signed copy of Lora Cecere’s Bricks Matter and it immediately had me thinking that I have always wanted to do a book review.
As for reviewing this particular text, I also thought it might be nice to bring a perspective that was not steeped in traditional supply chain knowledge and experience. Having spent the last 15 years in enterprise software, I am continually struck by how different the value chain of plan-source-make-deliver-return, along with the associated supplier and customer touch points, is with enterprise software. Thinking about it the other way round, I have no natural biases in reading the book from the perspective of how I think value chains should be structured.

So, here goes. This will be a seven-part series. One blog per chapter with a final, summary review to wrap up.

Part I: Read the review of Chapter 1

Part II: Read the review of Chapter 2

Part III: Read the review of Chapter 3

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A review of Bricks Matter by Chaman L. Jain, Editor in Chief , Journal of Business Forecasting