About the Training

Demand volatility. Price uncertainty. Mounting risks and compelling opportunities. This is the reality for the supply chain leader; however, the missing link is supply chain talent.

Three decades of supply chain management lie behind us. What can we learn? What is the future? How do teams align to run the Race for Supply Chain 2020? What does the next generation of technologies and processes look like? Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, presents corporate training designed to answer these questions.

Why has Lora Cecere developed a new training course?

Simply put, because supply chain leaders have asked for it. As companies attempt to build supply chain leadership teams, the concern is that existing training programs are stale—a rehash of yesterday’s processes. Companies want a fresh approach from an independent and objective source. So, they turned to Lora and requested it.

This course is designed for leaders across organizations that want to know more about supply chain. It is based on the book Bricks Matter, a comprehensive view of the past thirty years of supply chain management winners and losers. The training is designed to help companies better manage the supply chain as a complex system and prepare for Supply Chain 2020. The training focuses on insights gained from quantitative studies, the mining of a decade of financial ratio data, and interviews with leaders of supply chain teams.

The class is designed to be hands-on. Attendees will spend 40-50% of their classroom time working on experiential activities with peers in a facilitated learning environment.

What you can expect from attending the hands-on Bricks Matter training:

  • Build an outside-in value network strategy and a three-year road map that you can implement back in the office.
  • Benchmark against Supply Chain Insights’ Supply Chain Index and find out how your company compares to industry peers.
  • Better understanding of the evolution of supply chain practices and the future of advanced analytics. Map the impacts and opportunities of unstructured text and the Internet of Things on your supply chain.
  • Gain insights on the evolution of market-driven practices, and the impact on the maturity models to drive improvement in supply chain by improving horizontal processes.
  • Develop an understanding of the future of technology, and the road for Supply Chain 2020.

Each attendee will get a custom benchmark analysis of their company’s performance on the Supply Chain Effective Frontier and will gain insights on how to power performance for the next decade.

Training sessions are currently scheduled in the following cities:


Chicago, IL
November 11-12, 2013
MicroTek Chicago
230 West Monroe Street, #550
Chicago, IL 60606


Atlanta, GA
January 16-17, 2014
MicroTek – Atlanta
1000 Abernathy Rd
Northpark Building 400, Suite 194
Atlanta, GA 30328


Registration is $1,500 per person and includes two days of training. Coffee breaks and lunch are included. Space is limited so be sure to reserve your spot today. Additional cities and dates will be announced shortly.

Contact events@supplychaininsights.com for more information.